Sunday, 13 December 2015

Final week

A few reminders:
  • End of Year Mass Tuesday 15th 6pm (please arrive by 5.45am and gather on the grass with our class)
  • All artwork and books will come home Monday/Tuesday
  • No bikes needed this week
  • Togs and towels each day
  • Have a discussion about BYOD for next year

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Parents - I have 2 brand new sets of tea towels that were handed over at the beginning of camp.  I'd very much like to return these to the family that brought them along.  Please let me know. 
Mrs Jackson

Monday, 7 December 2015

Rocky Shore

Following Camp, we read up on the Rocky Shore.  Here are our Popplets showing what we learnt.

Top Schools

Yesterday, 6 of our class combined with 6 students from Rm 4, took part in the Raureka School event - Top Schools.  The students took part in a variety of activities - some trickier than others!  Thank you to Mrs Vignolini for ensuring our team was where they needed to be.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Homework Week 9

Room 5 Week 9 Term 4 2015
Maths practise
Our focus this week is Measurement - specifically capacity (how much liquid a container holds)
Find some suitable cups/containers at home and see how much water they hold
Perhaps do some baking or cooking.
IXL Measurement
Yr 4 O10, O11
Yr 5 J6, J7
10 mins a night is plenty of this app/website
Read for at least 15 mins each night.
You can read by yourself or to someone in your family.
Login to Spelling City
All students have their own username and password.
This allows access to all activities.
10 mins a night is plenty on this app/website
Togs and towel daily (please have a note if not swimming)
Andrew, Nikita to return library books
On Thursday you need measuring spoons and some cups/containers for our measurement task
Frimley Pools - Friday
(togs, towel, sunhat, packed morning tea and lunch)
Check out what has been happening in the Senior School.
Write them a comment.


A great afternoon, even though we got drenched!  So fantastic to see the Senior students helping the Juniors participate.